Oh Gabrielle (single)

by Jonny Cola & The A-Grades

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released August 28, 2014

Written and Performed by Jonny Cola & The A-Grades
Produced by Jez Leather, Jonny Cola & Mauro Venegas
at the Dynamite Jet Saloon

Thanks to Gabby Leigh, who made this song possible



all rights reserved


Jonny Cola & The A-Grades UK

Jonny Cola and his band of A-Grades - right-hand man Mauro Venegas and producer extraordinaire Jez Leather on guitars, bassist Simon Drowner supplying extra eyeliner, with drums given a sound thrashing by Marco Testa-Ryan - are starry-eyed pushers of edgy glam-rock pop songs to a growing number of disenfranchised refuseniks. Their new album SPITFIRE is out now. ... more

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Track Name: Oh Gabrielle
Someone as pretty as you could be a model -
that’s what he told you
Someone as clever as you knew that tomorrow
he’d leave without attention
or affection
or a message
or a number
or a name
That’s OK - it’s what you wanted, for the record,
and you would’ve done the same
But he left a little token

Time-shifted, you drifted
Weeks passing in static inaction
He kicked it - well scripted
You got the message and saw the attraction

Oh, Gabrielle
Uh-huh, you’re up!

Try and write it all down -
a list on the back of a scrap of paper
But as the choices whirl round, statistically speaking,
it doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference
to what you think
you know
you oughta feel
Tear it up - just for the drama
for the camera
for the record -
it’s the deal
Are you ready for your close-up?

We paid it - post-dated
A small token for canon reactions
Exploited - you enjoyed it
In the way you enjoyed the contractions

Oh, Gabrielle
But listen up!

As I watched the streaming live video
I was struck with paranoid feeling, oh no

Oh baby, what’ve I done?
Still so obsessed with being number one
Another notch, another parade
One whisper - and now it’s all over London

Oh, Gabrielle

I’m so sorry, Gabrielle
We’re so sorry, Gabrielle
But cheers anyway
Track Name: Out Of The Woods (Acoustic Mix)
Silver shadows creep
Across the ground
Where sharp-eyed, soft-skinned boys
Drift slowly by the water
We were interrupted by the call
Central control
Your number has come up
Shut down and go to base
Oh no, no

My levels are all wrong
So I’m hooked up and turned on and on and on but

Such sweet delay
It stacks up but
I will get out of the woods someday
Oh, yeah
This slow decay
It’s on trust that
I will get out of the woods someday

I lie back in the chair
And stroke the screen
Those dead-air afternoons
And oh, so many boys
Faces disintegrating into snow
Central control
“Your youth has gone to waste
Get out and seize the day”

If I can only make it through the door
Before I fall and hit the floor
Hit, hit it now!

You burn the brightest when the darkness wraps round tight
Tear up the rules, this shit is new, take me tonight
I can’t explain why now when time’s so short
We lock horns, we lock horns
Just hold my hand - it’s almost over

Such sweet delay...
I’ll be out of the woods someday
Yeah, yeah
This slow decay
But I will be out of the woods

Five o’clock
The dawn’s not far away
I’ll wait here with the light on